Release Notes

What's New for Elastic Path for Adobe Marketing Cloud 1.1.0

What's New for Elastic Path for Adobe Marketing Cloud 1.1.0

New Features

  • AEM Import is now supporting Incremental Import, which will import changes since the previous Full or Incremental Import
  • Britney Broden Demo - a Retail Demo Storefront created using EP for AEM 6
  • The AEM Commerce API implementation now uses the Cortex Java SDK to communicate and unmarshall responses from Cortex.


  • AEM Import has been enhanced:
    • It is based Apache ActiveMQ and importing data from PIM to AEM can be done without IT involvements once the import configurations have been set up properly
    • It is customizable to import data from any third-party PIM/MDM systems or Elastic Path into AEM
    • Product Catalog no longer has any reference to the store name
  • EP Configuration Handler has be enhanced:
    • Handles Cortex URLs with or without trailing slashes
    • Removed unused properties - Cortex Scope, Cookie Domain, Cookie Path
    • The EPConfigurationHandler configuration bundle has been renamed to: Elastic Path Configuration Handler
    • The EPCortexCookieContextHandler configuration bundle has been renamed: Elastic Path Cortex Context Manager

Bug Fixes

  • AEM Importer log is showing correct information after import


  • The ep-aem-integration and ep-cortex-java-bindings have been deprecated. Any dependencies on them will need to be re-implemented with the Cortex Java SDK shipped in the new cq-geometrixx-ep-content.