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Cortex Studio is your API playground. Use it to explore the power of API-driven commerce.


Use our reference applications to jump-start your client application development.

API commerce, built by developers for developers

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Cortex Studio:
Explore the full power of a hypermedia API

Elastic Path Cortex is our patent-pending hypermedia API, allowing developers to assemble resources from multiple business platforms into one unified API. Cortex conforms rigorously to the HATEOAS constraint and Level 3 of the Richardson Maturity Model, making it one of the most advanced APIs on the planet.

With Cortex Studio, an interactive REST development environment, API developers can explore the full power of browsable payloads that require no knowledge of the underlying business logic in order to retrieve data or perform authorized operations.

Adobe Marketing Cloud:
Easy integration via API commerce

Through Cortex, we offers developers a unique, API-driven integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud. Cortex API orchestration gives marketers sophisticated transactional capabilities from within Adobe products — like offer management, entitlements, and payments — in the form of discrete, modular components that can easily be arranged, customized, and optimized for each specific experience, segment, device, or individual customer.

Cortex and Adobe together are a magic bullet that gives business users free reign to imagine and create any omnichannel experience, while keeping sensitive enterprise systems and data securely in the hands of technology professionals like you.

Adobe Experience Manager integration
Reference apps

Mobile reference apps:
Slash mobile development time

Getting started with mobile commerce doesn't have to be overly complex. Elastic Path offers several mobile reference applications for free download that you can use in your own projects. The Elastic Path mobile reference applications were built to showcase how easy it is to deploy mobile ecommerce capability to any device using Cortex API. These free applications are available for Android, PhoneGap (compiles to iOS and Android), and HTML5.

All of our mobile reference apps also include access to a cloud-hosted instance of Elastic Path Commerce Engine, so you can preview real ecommerce data in your development environment.

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