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Elastic Path 7.5.0 Release Notes

Elastic Path 7.5.0 Release Notes

Release Highlights

Featured Products

Featured products enable merchandisers to promote products on a category page by highlighting new or trending products in a category. Merchandisers can set the order in which the products appear in the category page by changing the settings in the featured products section in Elastic Path Commerce Manager.

Faceted Navigation

Faceted navigation enables shoppers to refine products on the category pages using the facet values based on the product attributes, such as, price ranges, length, height, or other attributes. For example, in the men's shirts category page, a shopper can view only the blue shirts in small size by selecting the facet values Blue, in Color facet and Small in Size facet. For more information about selecting facet values, see the Multiple Facet Selection section.

Facets in the Storefront

With the facets and facet values in the storefront, shoppers can refine products in a page to view the exact items matching the buying criteria.

Offer and Batch Offer Lookup

With offer lookup, you can look for a specific offer by the offer code. With batch offer lookup, you can retrieve multiple offers in one query using multiple offer codes.

Localized Attribute Names

You can now localize the customer, category, product, and SKU attribute names.

Automatic Dependent Items

The dependent item product association supports defining items that are automatically added to the cart when the related item is added to the cart.

Data Sync Webapp

The Data Sync Webapp enables immediate publication of change sets from an Elastic Path author environment to live environments.

Bulk Order and Quick Order

With the bulk order form, shoppers can place an order without navigating to the product details pages and can add multiple quantities of a product to the cart. In a B2B commerce site where shoppers purchase in bulk, shoppers can add SKU codes and the quantity in a text field for multiple items and complete the purchase with single add to cart action.

With the quick order feature, B2B shoppers can purchase different products without visiting every product page by reordering the products from previous purchases. Shoppers can reorder individual line item or complete order from an order that exists in the order history without visiting various product pages in the order again.

Large Cart Performance

Retrieval of carts with a large number of items is significantly faster.

Format Query Parameter

Added a new query parameter, format=zoom.nodatalinks, to reduce the size of responses in a zoom query. This query parameter returns only the entity and the action links in the zoomed resources. An action link accepts POST requests, such as, addtodefaultcartaction.

Elastic Path Commerce Manager User Interface Update

A new Elastic Path Commerce Manager theme is introduced by adding RWT/RAP user interface styling and labels. The icons in the older Elastic Path Commerce Manger interface is updated with new icons to match the theme.

Announcements and Notices

Removed Features

Support for the following features is discontinued in this release:
Feature Notes
Microsoft SQL Server Elastic Path CloudOps uses Amazon Aurora RDS and Azure database for MySQL. A customer can also use Oracle if the deployments are managed by the customer.
Deployment using bash scripts in the devops/pusher-package/ module. Elastic Path recommends using Docker and Kubernetes functionality from Elastic Path CloudOps for custom deployments.
Oracle JVM Oracle has discontinued public security updates for Java 8. Elastic Path development and deployments now use Zulu JDK.

System Requirements and Compatibility

Elastic Path Commerce 7.5.0 is compatible with the following Elastic Path releases:

Elastic Path component Versions Location Git branch or file name
Elastic Path CloudOps for AWS CloudOps for AWS compatibility matrix release/3.N.x where N is the minor version number
Elastic Path CloudOps for Azure CloudOps for Azure compatibility matrix release/1.N.x where N is the minor version number
Elastic Path Commerce Demo Package 7.5.0

Elastic Path Commerce for Adobe 1.7 Internal release available upon request

New in This Release

New Cortex Resources

Category Resource Name Description
Navigation offersearches.offer-search-result Represents an offer in the navigation returned by the offersearches.offer-search-result resource. The result consists of a list of offers.
offersearchresult Returns offers as a result for a navigation query.
offersearches.featured-offers Represents an offer in the navigation returned by the offersearches.featured-offers resource. The result consists of a list of offers.
Lookups offers.offer-lookup-form Returns an offer for the query submitted using offers.offer-lookup-form.
offers.batch-offers-lookup-form Returns a list of offers that are returned for the query submitted using offers.batch-offers-lookup-form.
Bulk add to cart carts.add-items-to-cart-form Provides support for bulk order and quick order. For more information, see the quick order and bulk order sections.

Core Commerce

  • Removed the COMMERCE/SYSTEM/userIdMode system setting. The user ID is now an identifier that is unique within a store. Anonymous customers get a random generated user_id and have no email address. The placeholder email address is removed and CP_EMAIL is now an optional attribute.


  • The error message key no longer exists. The error message key profile.userid.already.exists is returned if an existing user ID is used to create a user account.

Upgrade Notes

The Upgrading Elastic Path guide provides general instructions on upgrading Elastic Path projects. The upgrade instructions specific to the 7.5 release are listed in the following sections:

New Java 8 Distribution

Elastic Path development and CloudOps deployments are now based on Zulu OpenJDK. When upgrading, switch all developer environments to use Zulu JDK.

Data Sync Webapp

The Data Sync Webapp provides event-driven publication of change sets from an Elastic Path author environment to a live environment. The change set publication is initiated by the CHANGE_SET_PUBLISHED event message.

Elastic Path CloudOps products now deploy the Data Sync Webapp instead of deploying the command line Data Sync Tool. For more information, see the Data Sync Webapp section.

Database Changes

The release includes database changes that are incompatible with zero-downtime deployments. During an upgrade the following database migrations take place:
  • User ID Changes
    • All anonymous customers in the system with the userIdMode=1 setting are updated to have the GUID of the customer as the new user ID.
    • The CP_EMAIL attribute for a customer is deleted if the value of the attribute is
  • Localized Attribute Changes
    • The values from the TATTRIBUTE.NAME column are copied to the TLOCALIZEDPROPERTIES table, and the TATTRIBUTE.NAME column is removed.
  • Cart Performance Changes
    • The CHILD_ITEM_CART_UID and ITEM_TYPE columns are added to the TCARTITEM table and populated with values.

Components and Security Upgrades

Library Old Version New Version
Java Oracle 8u144 Zulu 8u202
Jackson 2.9.6 2.9.8
Apache ActiveMQ 5.11.1 5.15.8
Spring Framework 4.3.16 4.3.19
Spring Framework Security OAuth2 2.3.3 2.3.5
Apache POI 3.0.1 4.0.1
Apache Batik 1.6.0. v201011041432 1.11
Hibernate 5.2.4 5.4.3
Tomcat 9.0.10 9.0.16
Glassfish jaxb codemodel 2.3.0 2.3.2
Apache Commons-lang3 3.8 3.8.1
Groovy http-builder 0.5.2 0.7.1
Javassist 3.23.1-GA 3.24.1-GA
Json Web Token 0.10.5 0.10.6
Jmock 2.8.4 2.9.0
Mockito 2.22.0 2.25.0
Apache Camel 2.21.1 2.23.1
Spring Framework Security 4.2.6 Release 4.2.11 Release
Osgi Resource Locator 1.0.2 1.0.3
RxJava 2.2.2 2.2.7

Bug Fixes

Core Commerce

  • Resolved the issue with the response returned when a shopper accesses another shoppers address. The response returned is 403 Forbidden instead of 404 Not Found.
  • Resolved an issue with the form resources, such as add-to-cart-form, to include a Cache-Control:private, no-transform, max-age=600 header in all get requests. The forms are cached on the client side, which reduces the network traffic.


  • Resolved the issue of excessive log messages for authentication failures on Link and Advise operations by lowering the log level from WARN to DEBUG as the operations are passive.
  • Resolved a bug to enable linking a legacy resource to a Helix Link Point resource.