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We believe in empowering developers with the latest API-driven commerce technologies, enabling you to be a hero to your customers and business users. The Elastic Path Developer Center has been specifically designed to introduce you to API development, including how to create digital touchpoints using our exclusive Cortex API technology.

About Elastic Path

Elastic Path is an API-centric commerce company. Our software engineers have built one of the world's most advanced commerce APIs, which we call Cortex. Elastic Path Cortex is an advanced API for embedding ecommerce functionality into any digital touchpoint, allowing enterprise developers to leverage a "Unified API" strategy, assembling resources from multiple backend business platforms into one consistent API interface.

Unlike APIs from other ecommerce platforms, Elastic Path Cortex conforms rigorously to the HATEOAS constraint and Level 3 of the Richardson Maturity Model. This means that client applications can securely access backend enterprise data and perform authorized operations using only the hypermedia controls generated by the mediation layer.

Welcome to the future of commerce. Welcome to Elastic Path.

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