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Projection Driven Bulk Changes Workflow

Projection Driven Bulk Changes Workflow

This section provides a detailed workflow of projection driven bulk changes. Business users and merchandisers can update projections, such as brand or attributes, in Elastic Path Commerce Manager and can use the projection driven bulk changes feature to ensure that any updates made to the projection are also made to any offer associated with the projection. For example, a business user updates the color of a T-shirt from Crimson Red to Ruby Red. There are multiple offers with this item. Using projection bulk changes, any offers with the Crimson Red T-shirt are automatically updated to Ruby Red.


The following diagram illustrates the workflow for projection driven bulk changes:

Workflow for Projection Driven Bulk Changes
  1. Store administrator updates the store catalog in Elastic Path Commerce Manager.
  2. Elastic Path Commerce sends a domain event message to the Domain Event Channel to notify of a change, such as SKU_OPTION_UPDATED or BRANDS_UPDATED.
  3. Projection builder consumes the domain event message from VirtualTopic.ep.domain and builds the projection.
  4. Projection builder sends an entity catalog event, such as OPTION or BRAND, to VirtualTopic.ep.catalog.
  5. Projection builder sends an <ENTITY>_BULK_UPDATE message, such as options, brands, or attributes, to VirtualTopic.ep.domain.bulk in Java Messaging System (JMS).
  6. Projection builder consumes the VirtualTopic.ep.domain.bulk message from the Domain Bulk Event Channel.
  7. Domain Bulk Event Channel consumes the event. The message contains a list of codes for all affected offers.
  8. Projection builder updates the affected offers with the updated information and sends catalog event messages to the Catalog Event Channel with the changes.
  9. Content Management System (CMS) consumes the event message.