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Catalog Syndication Data Model

Catalog Syndication Data Model

This section provides details of the catalog syndication data model and the type of data available for synchronization and consumption.

Data Model

With an update to the catalog through Elastic Path Commerce Manager or Elastic Path tools, such as Import Export Tool, Data Population Tool, or Data Sync tool, domain event messages are sent to Java Messaging Service (JMS). The projection builder consumes the event messages, builds the corresponding projections and sends catalog event messages to JMS. Syndication consumers can subscribe to catalog event messages to be notified changes or can periodically check syndication API for changes. The following diagram illustrates the basic data model for projections, with category and offer projections partially flattened, or denormalized, to simplify consumption:

Figure 1. Data Model for Catalog Syndication
Data Model for Catalog Syndication

Catalog Projections

When you create, edit, or delete an entity, the following projections are created for the corresponding catalog entity:

  • Category: Organizes products within a catalog or within another category.
  • Offer: Represents any tangible or non-tangible collection of items for sale in a store.
  • Attribute: Represents a trait or characteristic of an offer, item or category.
  • Brand: Represents the brand to which an offer is associated.
  • Option: Represents values to distinguish between items in an offer, such as color and size.
  • Field metadata: Represents metadata used to describe fields that are required when adding an item to the cart.