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Creating the Search Configuration File

Creating the Search Configuration File

The search configuration file contains the criteria that determines which data to export. The default search configuration file searchconfiguration.xml is located in the Import-Export tool's installation directory.

searchconfiguration.xml contains an EPQL query that defines the search criteria for fetching objects from the Elastic Path database. You can change the query to meet your export requirements. Alternatively, you can make a copy of this file, change the settings in the copy, and specify the filename of the copy when you run the batch script.

The following is an example of a search configuration file containing a query that matches all products associated with the specified catalog:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <epql>FIND Product WHERE CatalogCode='SNAPITUP'</epql>

For a complete description of the query language, see Appendix D - Query Language.


You can test product queries in the Commerce Manager's Advanced Search tool. This will allow you to quickly locate and fix problems and fine tune queries before performing the actual export. (Currently, only product queries are supported in the Advanced Search tool.)