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Creating New Data Set

Creating New Data Set

Use this procedure to create a new rel-1.x data set directory.

  1. Copy template/data-template/ to the data directory and rename it to rel-1.x-data.
  2. In data/rel-1.x-data/, replace all instances of @new-data-dir with rel-1.x-data.
  3. In data/liquibase-changelog.xml file, add the following before the include paths for test-data: <include file="rel-1.x-data/liquibase-changelog.xml" relativeToChangelogFile="true" /> config/filtering.properties .
  4. In the /filtering.properties file for each environment, override the default qualifier to run import on every database update:


    Do this step for the local environment and for other environments to rerun import on a database update.