Demo Applications

The purpose of the demo applications is to showcase our API capabilities, as well as demonstrate how a storefront can be developed by relying on the features that our API offers.


Elastic Path for Adobe Marketing Cloud

Elastic Path for Adobe Marketing Cloud is an implementation of the Adobe Experience Manager e-commerce framework that brings a wealth of transactional functionality directly into Adobe Marketing Cloud.


HTML5 Reference StorefrontCampus Storefront

Backed by the power of Cortex, this HTML5 Reference Storefront is a flexible e-commerce application designed with the latest web technologies: JavaScript, HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, {less}, Marionette.js, Backbone.js, grunt.js, and node.js.


PhoneGap Touchpoint

PhoneGap is a free,open source framework from which you can generate mobile applications. Use our PhoneGap implementation along with the HTML5 Touchpoint source code to generate your own iOS and Android Commerce Experiences.