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Pushing Database Changes

Pushing Database Changes


Elastic Path recommends using the Data Population Command Line Interface (CLI) to push schema changes and catalog data updates to the production database. This tool is built in the extensions/data-population/ext-data-population-cli project.

The deployment package created by the extensions/packager/ext-deployment-package project contains the Data Population CLI as well as all the Liquibase change sets and the Import/Export data sets needed for deployment. For each target database, the following configuration files are required:
Property Description


Defines database connection properties and the data population environment name itself for this environment.
data-population.properties Defines properties required by the Data Population tool for execution in this environment; e.g. Liquibase contexts to activate for this environment.
filtering.properties Defines the values used when overriding property placeholders in data files for this environment.
If you are using The Pusher for deployment, then the Data Population CLI is automatically invoked near the beginning of the deployment process.