Elastic Path Commerce Development

Populating the Database

Populating the Database

Configure Data Sets

The following Elastic Path test and demo data sets are included in the commerce-data module:

  • ep-shared-demo-data - shared data used by all data sets.
  • ep-mobee-demo-data - test and demo data for Cortex stores.
  • ep-sample-data - test data with descriptive object names.
  • demo-snapitup-data - legacy data used for performance testing.
Tip: Configuring Test Data

To change the data sets that are loaded in your local development environment, update the liquibase-context property in the environments/local/data-population.properties file in the extensions/database/ext-data module. Remove data sets that you don't want to be loaded.

Populate the Database

To populate your local development database for the first time:
  1. On the command line, navigate to the extensions/database module.
  2. Run the following command:
    mvn clean install -Preset-db

For more information, see Populating the Database in the Data Population documentation.