Elastic Path Commerce Development

Source Code Structure

Source Code Structure


The following diagram shows the dependencies among the modules in the source distribution:

Source distribution contents

Module Description Notes
bill-of-materials Contains POM with all dependencies required by Elastic Path.
  • Must be built before any other module to ensure that the dependencies are available.
  • The commerce parent POM, ep-commerce/pom.xml, is dependant on this POM file.
commerce-data Demo Import/Export data and images for the Mobee and SnapitUp catalogs.
  • Used by extensions/database/ext-data module.
  • Dependencies can be removed after a project has created its own test data.
commerce-engine Commerce Engine source.
commerce-manager Commerce Manager source.
cortex-resources Integration layer between Cortex and the Core Engine.
  • Includes resource and repository bundles.
devops Devops scripts and configuration.
  • Includes reversioning scripts and The Pusher.
  • Depends on the deployment package generated by extensions/packager.
extensions Commerce extensions, webapps, and system tests.