Elastic Path Commerce Development

Shopper Key Classes

Shopper Key Classes

The majority of Shopper-related classes are located in the core package (com.elasticpath.core) within the Shopper packages (com.elasticpath.service.shopper, com.elasticpath.domain.shopper)

Domain Classes

  • Shopper- A shopper in the system: this is the key object for finding items related to the shopper such as shopping carts and wish lists. Aggregates the following interfaces:
    • ShoppingRequisiteData- Consolidates interfaces providing data required for ShoppingCart operations, including:
      • PriceListStackCache - Provides access to a cached instance of a PriceListStack.
      • TagSource - Provides access to TagSets.
      • LocaleProvider - Provides a Locale.
      • CurrencyProvider - Provides a Currency.
      • StoreCodeProvider - Sets and returns the storeCode for a particular Store.
    • CustomerAccessor - Provides access to the Customer attached to the Shopper.
    • ShoppingCartAccessor - Provides access to the Shopping Cart attached to the Shopper.
    • WishListAccessor - Provides access to the Wish List attached to the Shopper.
    • SimpleCacheProvider - Provides access to an attribute cache; currently used for RuleIds (related to Promotion rules used in Shopping Cart.)
    • UpdateShopperTransientData - An interface to update any of the transient Shopper data related to a CustomerSession or Customer.
    • PureEntity - GUID setter and getter interface for domain entities.
  • ShopperMemento - Persistent data for the Shopper.
  • ShopperImpl - Implementation of the Shopper interface.
  • ShopperKey - Sets and returns the ShopperUID for a CustomerSession.
  • ShopperRefrence - Sets and returns the Shopper for a CustomerSession.

Service Classes

  • ShopperDao - Data Access Object interface for the ShopperMemento.
  • ShopperDaoImpl - Implementation of the Shopper DAO.
  • ShopperService - Provides methods for finding or storing the Shopper.
  • ShopperServiceImpl - Implementation of ShopperService interface.
  • ShopperCleanupService - Supports cleanup activities around Shopper.
  • ShopperCleanupServiceImpl - Implements the ShopperCleanupService interface.
  • ShopperDependencyCleanupService - Cleans up Shopper dependents.
  • ShoppingCartCustomerSessionUpdater - Updates the shopping cart with the customer session.
  • CustomerSessionShopperUpdateHandler- Interface implemented by classes that perform operations required when the Shopper is changed on the Customer Session. Includes:
    • PromotionCodeInvalidatorForShopperUpdates - Clears promotions and coupons tied to the previous Shopper, and copies any public coupons.
    • ShoppingCartMergerForShopperUpdates - Merges Shopping Carts during Shopper changes.
    • WishListMergerForShopperUpdates - Combines Wish Lists during shopper changes.
    • CustomerConsentMergerForShopperUpdates - Combines customer consents when a shopper changes from anonymous user to shopper profile during the same session.