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Set Up Maven Repository

Set Up Maven Repository

Note: Role: DevOps
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A Maven Repository Manager is an essential component for team development of Maven based projects. The Maven Project site explains why and provides a list of available Repository Managers.

Not all Maven artifacts that Elastic Path products depend on are provided in the release package. You will have to get those artifacts from Elastic Path's Maven Repository.
Important: Your Maven Repository Manager must be installed and running before you can complete the following steps.

Proxy External Repositories

The following external Maven repositories are required and need to be proxied:


The repository order is important and should match the table below. Using a different repository sequence can result in build errors.

Repository Provider Policy URL Credentials Required
Maven Central Maven2 Release No
Elastic Path Public Maven2 Release Yes
Elastic Path Cortex Maven2 Release Yes
Elastic Path Commerce Engine Maven2 Release Yes
Elastic Path Accelerators Maven2 Release Yes
Java Net Repository For Maven Maven2 Release No
Sonatype Maven2 Release No
Springsource Milestone Maven2 Release No
Groovy Repository For Maven Maven2 Release No

A username and password are required to access the Elastic Path repositories. For more information, see Download Prerequisites.

Configure Local Repositories and Groups

Once all external proxies are configured, create local repositories and groups and build the repository hierarchy.

  1. Create a hosted repository (e.g. <project> EP Snapshots) with a "snapshot" policy.
  2. Create a hosted repository (e.g. <project> EP Releases) with a "release" policy.
  3. Create an External Proxy Repository Group and add all external proxies to it in the order defined in the Proxy external respositories section.
  4. Create a <project> EP Repository Group and add the hosted repositories and the External Proxy Repository Group to it.

Manual Uploads

Some artifacts cannot be obtained from public Maven repositories because of licensing restrictions. These need to be manually uploaded to your Maven repository.

Artifact Source EP Commerce Dependency
MySQL JDBC driver Download platform independent version 5.1.44 from

User Accounts

A user account with maven deployment privileges needs to be created for use by the Continuous Integration server to deploy build artifacts.


  • A fully functional Maven repository server