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The serviceSF.xml contains definitions for beans that are only used in the storefront web application. It is located in the ep-storefront\src\main\resources\spring\service directory.

SEO Locale Changes

In the serviceSF.xml, the following bean is defined:

<bean id="localeUrlTool" class="">
   <property name="seoBuilderVar" ><ref bean="coreSeoUrlBuilder"/></property>
   <property name="localeControllerUrl"><value>locale.ep</value></property>

This bean is used to create SEO friendly URLs for pages in different locales. For the non-SEO will use the Locale controller to change the locale.

  • localeControllerUrl - is the key for the LocaleControllerImpl defined in SF/url-mapping.xml:
    <prop key="/locale.ep">localeController</prop>