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Importing a Product Catalog

Importing a Product Catalog

Update the product catalog in Core Commerce or the PIM/MDM system and then import the product catalog into AEM. Any product catalog changes made in AEM will be overwritten by EP Product Importer.

To import a product catalog:

  1. In your browser, navigate to http://localhost:4502/etc/importers/elasticpath.html.
  2. Type the Catalog Code of the product catalog to import. For more information on Catalog Code, see the Commerce Manager User Guide. If you are using a PIM/MDM system, you will need to consult its documentation for the Catalog Code.
  3. Select the Incremental Import check box or leave unselected to run a Full Import.
  4. Click Import Products to import the catalog.

Once import completes, generate the catalog pages for your site following these instructions: Generating Site Catalog Pages

Where Products Import

EP Product Importer creates the product catalog in /etc/commerce/products/<catalog code>. For example, /etc/commerce/products/geometrixx. Product images are served from /content/dam/<catalog code>. For example, /content/dam/geometrixx.