Elastic Path Account Management Overview Guide

Elastic Path B2B Commerce Overview

Elastic Path B2B Commerce Overview

Elastic Path B2B commerce focuses on the business requirements of B2B organizations, such as wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, resellers, or trading partners and provides capability to manage buyer accounts with Elastic Path Account Management service. Unlike B2C in which the transaction is between organization and an individual customer, the B2B transaction is between two organizations.

Each buyer organization might have different organizational structures with various users managing each division and different level of permission among the users.

An associate representing the buying organization and a seller administrator representing the seller organization are one of the major components of B2B commerce.

Authentication and Identity Provider

Elastic Path Account Management service uses the open source identity and access management solution, Keycloak, for user authentication. Each user is authenticated with Keycloak when logged in to Account Management service. For more information, see the Keycloak documentation page.

Elastic Path Account Management API

Elastic Path Account Management APIs provide resources for managing buyer organizations, divisions, and sub-divisions. You can access the REST endpoint for the Elastic Path Account Management user interface, store fronts, and touch points.