Elastic Path Account Management User Guide

Buyer Organization Configuration Workflow

Buyer Organization Configuration Workflow

Seller organizations can manage buyer organization hierarchy so that the buyer organization can shop on the seller organization storefront. Seller administrators can create organizations or divisions depending on the buyer organization structure. Seller administrators can also add associates to buyer organization with right roles and permissions to enable them to shop on behalf of that organization. For more information about organization, divisions, and associates, see the Account Management Overview section.

The following diagram illustrates the structure of an organization and the distribution of divisions and subdivision within it:

  • The seller administrator creates the divisions and sub-divisions and assigns associates authorized to shop for specific divisions.

  • An organization might have an associate or multiple associates authorized to shop for specific divisions or all divisions in the organization. For each buyer organization, a list of associates is provided by the organization. The seller administrator uses this list to assign an associate to an organization, division, or sub-division depending on the requirement.

    The seller administrator can add associates directly to a division and the associate is added to the organization's associate list. For example, when the seller administrator adds an associate associate_123 to the sub-division 1 in Buyer Organization 2, the Account Manager service adds the associate to the associate list of Buyer Organization 2.

  • Only seller administrator can add associates. A seller administrator cannot add a new seller administrator.

  • Seller organization with multiple stores have separate Account Management configuration for each store.